Ticklish Guys Casting and Ticklish Guys Online - An Expose' on David D'Amato, AKA Terri Disisto, The Tickle Lady, Terri Tickle, and The TickleBitch


An expose of David D'Amato's Ticklish Federal Conviction

A picture of David D'Amato ... we bow our heads in disgust...

First Class Loser

Karp concluded that George D'Amato was financially supporting his son, who lived in a swanky penthouse in Garden City, New York, well beyond the means... (of David D'Amato)

Spam Kings: The Real Story Behind the High-rolling Hucksters by Brian S. McWilliams (Author)

click here to read the relevent chapter. Courtesy of Roger.


On February 27, 2007 the United States District Court by its own motion, recommended that the case of D'Amato vs. Starr, et al. be dismissed. The entire brief may be read by clicking here.

Congratuations to the 1st Amendment of the United States Constitution!

Current Status of his effort to suppress the truth - DESTROYED!!

NEWSFLASH: We have received information stating that in June 2003 a plea of guilty to disorderly conduct in Queens County, New York was entered by David D'Amato. Anyone with additional information on this case is welcome to come forward. Our information is limited at this moment, just an anonymous tip from the courthouse awaiting verification. Please note until this is verified it is only an allegation. Please submit any information to the law enforcement section on the main page.

It looks like Mr David P. D'Amato is really starting to feel the vice clamping down on him as he is posting libelous messages all over the Internet Usenet using the name of one of his drones named DEXX JONES. We are guessing he is mad, especially in light of the fact that we are still on the air. Click this marquee for additional information on this story. Thank you for your attention...


The Sound of David P. D'Amato when he is reading the latest edition of the Alliance...

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